About The River and Rail

Two couples with a passion for their community and tasty, locally grown food transformed recently closed symbol of Roanoke nostalgia, Lipes Pharmacy, into The River and Rail Restaurant.

Lee and Karri Atwood and old friends Whit and Lauren Ellerman, teamed up to share their love for delicious, local, seasonal food becoming the catalyst for The River and Rail. And, for the talent in the kitchen, they’ve enlisted Aaron Deal, a young James Beard semi-finalist, to be the Executive Chef.

Chef Aaron Deal enthusiastically developed his menu around the superb ingredients he’s discovered are nurtured in the Virginia area: fish, bison, goat, duck, pork, quality Virginia aged meats, produce, wines, and other regional goods. He envisions The River and Rail as a space where the guests from Western Virginia and beyond will come to have an appreciation of the food, where it comes from, and who makes it.